Week Reading

I meant to do this Sunday, but I just didn’t have the energy.  So this reading will be for Tuesday over the next seven days.

Again, the layout I’m using is  Weekly Reading Layout/Exercise

Deck is the Steampunk Tarot, like last week

Tuesday – Ace of Beetles – May be offered an opportunity, reward or gift.  This is a wonderful, abundant time that favors new beginnings.

Wednesday – 7 of Beetles – Beginning to see the rewards of hard work. Good progress is being made.  Don’t focus on the missing, focus on the success.  Keep up the hard work.

Thursday – Page of Dragonflies – Good time for creative expression.  Have fun and feel young again.

Friday – 5 of Beetles – Money may be tight.  Look further afield for resources.  Problems will soon be solved.

Saturday – 6 of Moths – Many strong opinions around you.  You can barely hear your own thoughts.  Potential conflict.  Stand your ground and fact check.  Teens may test patience.

Sunday – 9 of Moths – Exciting but demanding time.  Be creative with your scheduling and tough both mentally and physically.  You are in a position to build on.  Protect your assets and your energy.  Stand firm and be patient.

Monday – 6 of Dragonflies – Old friends may resurface.  May have a visitor.  May rekindle an old pastime.

Tendency – King of Moths – Artistic pursuits are favored.  A man will make his feelings known.

Advice – Death –  A slow change.  For you to progress you need to let go of that which you no longer need.  That might be an unfulfilling career or relationship, an unhappy home or outdated attitudes.

Observations:  This week seems to be minor arcana – things in my control for the most part.  Beetles are Pents and material things.  So there seems to be a focus on the material.  Moths are Wands and fire, action.  This week will be full of action.   There’s no particular number that’s standing out.

Summary –  I will begin to see the rewards of my hard work and dedication this week.   Girl spawn is likely to test my patience this week as we gear up for her school trip.  Between that attitude and actually getting things ready for her to leave, I will have to employ some creative scheduling.  Right now, any creative pursuits I have will be favored and I will get a nostalgic pleasure from them.  I may have a visitor or two this week.   In all of this, I need to let go of the things that are no longer working in my life so that I can move forward.




Week Reading

Layout:  https://tarotparlor.com/blog/tarot-spread-for-the-week-tutorial/

Deck:  The Victorian Steampunk Tarot

I’m also using a pdf Read Any Card in Five Minutes by Biddy Tarot.  However, with the nature of the deck, I’m not sure it will work.

It’s Sunday afternoon.  Per the layout, I’m reading for the next seven days, so the reading will begin with Monday.

Monday – Temperance, Tuesday – 5 of Bees, Wednesday – Queen of Bees, Thursday – 3 of Beetles, Friday – 3 of Dragonflies, Saturday – The Fool, Sunday – 9 of Bees, Tendency – Ace of Bees, Advice – 3 of Bees

Observations:  Lots of Bees in my week.  Bees are the swords in this deck, so it seems I’ll be doing a lot of thinking.  The tendency will be new ideas.   It’s time to let these thoughts grow and develop through creativity.

Monday – Temperance -(Book) – There are many things to manage and attention to detail, persistent effort and ability to adapt are key.

Tuesday – 5 of Bees – (Book) – Conflict and anger lead to retreat and regrouping yourself.

Wednesday – Queen of Bees – (Book) – Determination, charm and strong intuition.  A good omen of success.

Thursday – 3 of Beetles – (Book) – Ideas are taking form, creative pursuits, projects and businesses are favored.

Friday – 3 of Dragonflies – (Book) – High spirits, celebration and laughter.  Enjoy the company of others and appreciate relationships old and new.

Saturday – The Fool – New beginnings, taking risks.  (Book) – Go your own way with renewed energy.  Leave heavy baggage – emotional or otherwise – behind.  Special opportunity for adventure and fun.

Sunday – 9 of Bees – (Book) – Stress.  May feel vulnerable or under intense pressure or unfairly treated.  Anxiety and runaway thoughts.

Tendency – Ace of Bees – (Book) – Victory and energy.   Success due to clarity of thought.  Win is well deserved and hard won and may have involved some intense work.

Advice – 3 of Bees – (Book) – Sorrow, loss and betrayal.  Intense stress.

Summary – This upcoming week will be stressful and intense (I’m already thinking of all the little things that need to be done and time management!) but if I can just hang in there with persistent effort and attention to detail, I’ll get through it with clear thought and possibly even a new direction.   I will have relief from the intense feelings by leaving my baggage behind (emotional) and appreciating my current relationships.  The end of the week could mean social time.

I used the book for a quick meaning for the cards and while I read the entire meaning, I picked out what seemed to stand out to me to add here.  My goal is to do a review of my week on Sunday to see how accurate this reading is.  Hopefully, I’ll make notes throughout the week to myself, because I know I won’t remember everything!


Week End Summary 3/27/18 –  I’m getting to this later than I wanted.  The week was stressful and intense.  I had a big job due – five hours of audio.  I didn’t get it done on time, but I did get it in the day it was due (later than the time I was supposed to have it in).  It felt like when I finally got to it, everyone had to call or visit or something.  It didn’t help, of course, that procrastinated.  I had planned on getting housework done too – which, didn’t happen.  I think it grows in my head to something almost impossible, so why get started?  I need to change this.  I’m not sure I have a new direction or clear thought, other than I have to start tackling things quicker than I have been.